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We are delighted to be involved in the Baptism of infants or adults, for it is through Baptism (sometimes called Christening) that a person becomes a member of Christ’s Church. Baptisms usually happen during Mass on Sundays. We now avoid conducting 'private' Baptisms and do not do baptisms during the season of Lent. There is no charge for Baptism in the Church of England, but donations are always welcome! With around 20,000 people in this parish there is always a great demand for baptisms so please do contact us well in advance in book a date. Do contact us well in advance to get a date. To enquire about a Baptism, please contact Fr Daniel by email or phone.




If you are intending to get married and you live within the parish of Carshalton, or outside the parish but fulfil other legal requirements, you will be entitled to be married in All Saints’. To discuss you wedding you will need to contact the Parish Clerk (Mrs Rosemary Lilley) and discuss dates and arrangements. It is a legal requirement for all couples to show their passports to the Parish Clerk and you may have to prove your legal entitlement to get married within the parish, but this is usually a straightforward process. There are certain statutory fees which are set by the Church of England and certain optional fees which can be discussed with the Rector or Parish Clerk.

Many people have traditional music played on the organ and have the church choir to help them sing their hymns – All Saints’ is a special place to make your marriage vows.

Wedding blessings after a civil ceremony, or a renewal of vows on a special occasion are also available.



The death of a relative or friend is one of the most traumatic events in life and part of the ministry of the church is to be alongside people at such times. You will need to make initial arrangements with a Funeral Director, who will make contact with us. We will help make the service as dignified and personal as possible. The funeral can take place either in All Saints’ or at a Crematorium.


Our churchyard no longer has room for new graves, other than ones for cremated remains, although existing family graves can be re-opened. As with weddings, there are fees for funerals which are paid directly to the Funeral Director.

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Cheques for wedding and funeral fees should be payable to "Carshalton Rector and Churchwardens".

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