All Saints Carshalton

The C of E parish church of central Carshalton, Surrey, England
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Who's Who

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Twitter @CarshaltonAllSFacebook link

Priest in Charge Rector Designate

Fr David Fisher   day off: Monday
32 Waterer Rise, Wallington SM6 9DN
Phone: 020 3952 0485
Mobile: 07 793 976 292
Email: rectorofcarshalton@gmail.com


Janice Funnell
Phone: 07 973 641 405
Email: janicefunnell@blueyonder.co.uk
Andrew Langley
Phone: 07 795 265 597
Email: fourlangleys@blueyonder.co.uk


Rob Butler
Email: robert@haime-butler.com

Parish Clerk

Rosemary Lilley
Email: rosemarylilley@blueyonder.co.uk

PCC Secretary

Marion Williams
Phone: 0740 266 2362
Email: pccsecretary.asc@gmail.com

Electoral Roll Officer

Email: electoralroll_allsaints@yahoo.com

Director of Music

Antony Matthews
Phone: 07 843 389 432
Email: antony@antonymatthews.co.uk


Alan Stewart
Phone: 020 8715 1753

Servers' Rota

Janice Funnell
Phone: 020 8642 3474
Email: janicefunnell@blueyonder.co.uk

Safeguarding Officers

Janice Scott
Phone: 020 8669 1483
Email: janicecscott@hotmail.co.uk
Hannah Garvey
Phone: 07786 012786
Email: hannahjohns@hotmail.com

Church Cleaning

Dawn Speller
Phone: 07949 158 495
Email: dawnspeller@yahoo.co.uk

Who does what

Host visitationAnnuallyJF, AL
Host school visitsAs required DB
Prepare high altarWeeklyAS
Prepare vestmentsWeeklyAS
Prepare weekly massesWeeklyDB
Servers' rotaQuarterlyJF
9 o'clock rotaUrge weeklyAB
Record 9 o'clock attendanceWeeklyPW
Sidesmen's rotaQuarterlyAC
Baptism rotaQuarterlyJS
Wedding rotaQuarterlyAC
BellsAs requiredRL
Service sheet prepWeeklyDB
Service sheet copy & foldWeekly?
Service sheet put on lecternsWeekly?
News sheet prepWeekly?
News sheet copyWeekly?
Piano humidityMonthlyAS
Organ tuningMar, Jul, NovWillis
Receive organ tunersMar, Jul, NovAM
Lead choirAs requiredAM
Choir copying As required AM
Flower rotaQuarterlyJF/RL
Church cleaningMonthlyDS
Toilet cleaningWeeklyAS
Buy toiletriesAs requiredAS
Buy candlesAs requiredAS
Buy lamp oilAs requiredAS
Buy paperAs requiredJCT
Buy communion wineAs requiredSW
Buy communion wafersAs requiredAS
Buy tonerAs requiredMW
Buy copyprinter foilsAs required?
Buy mic batteries (Energizer Eco Advanced)MonthlyDB
Buy nappy bagsAs requiredMG
Sound system maintenanceWeeklyDB
PCC chairMonthlyvacant
PCC vice-chairAs requiredJS
PCC agendaMonthly?
PCC minutesMonthlyAC
Pastoral Care GroupMonthlyDB
Safeguarding OfficersAs requiredJS, AC
Wedding bookingsAs requiredRL
Service registerWeeklyDRB
Baptism registerWeeklyDRB
Ashes registerAs requiredDB
Wine clubMonthlyJR
Receive tradesmen and deliveriesAs requiredtba
Host visitsAs requiredDB
Coffee rotaQuarterlyJF/RL
Coffee purchasingAs requiredJF/HK
Christian Aid WeekAnnuallyHK
Maintain web siteWeeklyDRB
Count & bank collectionWeeklyRL
TreasurerAs requiredRB
Pay billsAs requiredJCT
FWO envelopesQuarterlyBE
Fees returnsQuarterlyRL
Organise building repairsAs required?
Organise facultiesAs requiredDB
Care home visitsWeeklyDB, TT
Church openTuesdaysMW & CW
Organise concertsAs requiredRS
Minor repairsWeeklyDB
Put out the rubbishTuesday 9:30amDB
Purchase 3m Christmas TreeDecemberCL
Instal Christmas TreeDecemberDB

Please email rectorofcarshalton@gmail.com for general enquiries.

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