All Saints Carshalton

The C of E parish church of central Carshalton, Surrey, England
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Photos of High Mass

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The photos below were mostly taken during the High Mass on 15 June 2014, to show what happens. The Church of England has a page explaining what the mass is about.

The ministers process in1. The serving party enters during the hymn at the start of the service, led by the sidesmen

Old Testament Reading2. A Bible passage from the Epistles or the Old Testament is read

Gospel Reading3. A Bible passage from the Gospels is read

Sermon4. A preacher explains the bible passages and applies them to contemporary life

Prayers5. Prayers are offered

Consecration6. The focus moves to the High Altar, where the President says the Communion Prayer

Administration7. People go up to receive the bread and wine

Announcements8. Lastly, any announcements are made

The ministers process out9. The serving party processes out during the last hymn

Coffee afterwards10. And afterwards we chat over refreshments.

Please email rectorofcarshalton@gmail.com for general enquiries.

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