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Safeguarding and Getting Help

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We take the safeguarding and care of children and vulnerable adults very seriously at All Saints. If you are concerned that a child or adult has been harmed or may be at risk of harm, contact our Parish Safeguarding Officers listed here or our Wardens listed here. Help with child and adult safeguarding issues can be obtained from:

The Diocesan Safeguarding Team contact numbers are:

The current edition of the diocesan safeguarding policy A Safe Church is available at

If you have immediate concerns about the safety of someone, please contact the police and the local authority Children or Adults Services at

or the Sutton Social Services Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub ("MASH")
Sutton Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA
Mobile:07736 338962 Phone 020 8770 6001
Email: mash@sutton.gov.uk

Other sources of help

Some other sources of help are listed below:

We have selected the sources above on the basis of their reputation and the services they advertise, but we cannot endorse them from direct experience.

How to ask for prayer

Praying hands

Sometimes we feel that our prayers are in­adequate; we may feel over­whelmed by an issue that faces us, or too close to a problem to see what God might be doing. At such times we may want to ask others to pray for us.

Some may be fortunate enough to have Christian friends to ask, and who can be entrusted with the details of the issue; but sometimes one wants to look further afield. Many churches meet this need by offering confidential intercessory prayer, and a prayer chain is an effective way of organising it. The chain at All Saints comprises:

Marilyn Carpenter –– Benedicta Rosario
Leona Rawson –– Eileen Coxhead

Anyone can ask for prayer by contacting Fr David Fisher telephone 07 793 976 292. The request can include as much or as little detail as the requester considers appropriate, but it helps to give a Christian name and some indication of the type of problem that needs prayer (health, relationships, money, etc), to inform simple prayer. God always knows more details than we do. It is not normally necessary to disclose the surname of the person needing prayer.

The message will then be passed around the prayer chain from member to member, and they will each pray in their own way.

It is not essential to tell the prayer chain people afterwards what happened in response to their prayers, but it helps them to know when to stop praying, and how God is working.

If you are taken ill

Most of the time we sail through life in a fairly orderly fashion, but there is always the possibility that one day we might be taken ill unexpectedly and others will want to help.

We have a Contact List to provide All Saints' staff with people's personal details, in case we need to contact someone if an emergency happens at church. (This is not the same as the Electoral Roll, which does not provide the necessary information.) To check whether you are on the list, contact the Electoral Roll Officer on electoralroll_allsaints@yahoo.com. But when an emergency happens elsewhere, we are often the last to know. We seldom visit people in hospital because we generally do not learn that they were there until they have been discharged!

Should you be admitted to hospital, the hospital staff are not allowed to pass your details to us without your specific permission, but you can tell a nurse or doctor that you would like to see the hospital chaplain. The chaplain, with your permission, could contact the church and we could plan a visit.

Anyone in the parish can ask for a visit. The clergy are not always available at short notice, so we have trained a small team of lay people to make visits on behalf of the church; to arrange a visit contact Fr David Fisher telephone 07 793 976 292.

But perhaps the best way to make sure you receive help when you need it is to make friends with fellow worshippers. Provided we know each other's contact details, and look out for anyone who goes missing, we can show God's love to each other.

Please email rectorofcarshalton@gmail.com for general enquiries.

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