All Saints Carshalton

The C of E parish church of central Carshalton, Surrey, England
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All Saints, like most British churches, depends on donations and fees, for which we are very grateful, which amount on average to £2,000 per week. The running costs (staff, heating, lighting, insurance etc.) amount to more than that, so we are seeking ways of increasing our income substantially.

Having the church open for services, activities and events costs approximately £35 per hour for insurance, heating and lighting. When you use the church, please consider making a donation to cover these costs.


The running costs would be far higher were it not for the substantial contribution of many volunteers who help in the running the church, for which we are very grateful.

When one-off expenditure arises (for example, the church roof is in need of repair) we have to draw on our reserves, which built up over many years, mostly from money left to All Saints in people's wills, but are quickly being spent.

Cheques for donations should be made payable to "Carshalton All Saints PCC"; cheques for wedding and funeral fees should be payable to "Carshalton Rector and Churchwardens".


CAF logoYou can make an online donation to All Saints, and allow us to claim tax back to boost its value, via our CAF Donation Page. They will ask for your name and address, for legal reasons.

Please consider whether you can contribute regularly to the running of the church by standing order.

All Saints is an Excepted Charity (exception number X73304) under the Charities Act 1993 Part II Section 3 (S). That means that we are a registered charity under UK law, and we can reclaim any income tax that you paid on your donations, provided they can be traced to you, and you have filled in a Gift Aid form.

If you pay income tax, please increase the value of your gifts at no cost to yourself by declaring that they are Gift Aid by completing the Gift Aid form and sending it to our treasurer, Rob Butler c/o 32 Waterer Rise, Wallington SM6 9DN. Please make tell the treasurer if you move home, so that our Gift Aid records are up-to-date.

Please also consider whether you could remember All Saints in your will.

Thank you


You can raise money for All Saints as you shop online at major retailers, at no cost to yourself, via www.easyfundraising.org.uk. The retailer passes some of their profit to easyfundraising, who then make a donation to us.

Please look at www.easyfundraising.org.uk/how-it-works/ and consider joining the scheme, choosing All Saints Church Carshalton as your "good cause".

Thank you

Please email rectorofcarshalton@gmail.com for general enquiries.

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